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Sunday, May 29, 2016
  • Woodworker builds caskets out of reclaimed lumber

    FRONT ROYAL, Va. (CNS) -- Above the hum of the table saw, one story was told, then another.

    As the dark chestnut boards were fixed together, gradually taking shape as a sturdy rectangular box, three brothers pieced together memories of a life.

    "Something rich and beautiful happens when ...

    Michael Schmiedicke works in his Strong Oaks Woodshop in Front Royal, Virginia.
  • In Lebanon, Muslims and Christians visit Marian shrine at Harissa

    HARISSA, Lebanon (CNS) -- High on a summit overlooking the Mediterranean, Our Lady of Lebanon stands majestically with her arms outstretched, welcoming her children.

    Muslims and Christians alike come to the shrine, 16 miles north of Beirut.

    To Muslims, Mary is known in Arabic as "Seidatna Maryam," Our ...

    A woman prays at the monument of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, Lebanon.
  • Chaplain's duty is to bury the dead, and minister to the living

    ARLINGTON, Va. (CNS) -- On a chilly February afternoon in Arlington National Cemetery, Father Joseph Brankatelli walked alone before a horse-drawn caisson bearing the remains of World War II veteran Robert Andre.

    At the burial site, eight young soldiers flanked Andre's flag-draped casket while Father Brankatelli conducted ...

    Father Joseph Brankatelli stands among graves in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
  • St. John XXIII's aide dies at 100

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The former secretary to a saint and the oldest member of the College of Cardinals died May 26 at the age of 100.

    Italian Cardinal Loris Capovilla, who served St. John XXIII before and after he became pope, died in Bergamo, near Milan.

    Cardinal ...

    Italian Cardinal Loris Capovilla, who served St. John XXIII before and after he became pope, died May 26.
  • Leaders hope pope-imam meeting leads to new relationships

    BEIRUT (CNS) -- Lebanese leaders in Muslim-Christian dialogue said they hoped Pope Francis' meeting with Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of al-Azhar University, would lead to new relationships.

    Maronite Father Fadi Daou, chairman of Adyan, a foundation for interfaith studies and spiritual solidarity based in Lebanon, told Catholic ...

    Pope Francis talks with Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt's al-Azhar mosque and university, during a private meeting at the Vatican May 23.
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Madeleine Sophie Barat: The legacy of Madeleine Sophie Barat can be found in the more than 100 schools operated by her Society of the Sacred Heart, institutions known for the quality of the education made available to the young. 
<p>Sophie herself received an extensive education, thanks to her brother, Louis, 11 years older and her godfather at Baptism. Himself a seminarian, he decided that his younger sister would likewise learn Latin, Greek, history, physics and mathematics—always without interruption and with a minimum of companionship. By age 15, she had received a thorough exposure to the Bible, the teachings of the Fathers of the Church and theology. Despite the oppressive regime Louis imposed, young Sophie thrived and developed a genuine love of learning. </p><p>Meanwhile, this was the time of the French Revolution and of the suppression of Christian schools. The education of the young, particularly young girls, was in a troubled state. At the same time, Sophie, who had concluded that she was called to the religious life, was persuaded to begin her life as a nun and as a teacher. She founded the Society of the Sacred Heart, which would focus on schools for the poor as well as boarding schools for young women of means; today, co-ed Sacred Heart schools can be found as well as schools exclusively for boys. </p><p>In 1826, her Society of the Sacred Heart received formal papal approval. By then she had served as superior at a number of convents. In 1865, she was stricken with paralysis; she died that year on the feast of the Ascension. </p><p>Madeleine Sophie Barat was canonized in 1925.</p> American Catholic Blog Where we spend eternity is 100 percent under our control. God’s Word makes our options very clear: we can cooperate with the grace that Christ merited for us on the cross, or we can reject it and keep to our own course.

 Pope Francis explains the significance of  the Eucharist

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
Ultimately it is the Eucharist that feeds us and leads us to the heavenly banquet.
Ven. Pierre Toussaint
This former slave is one of many American holy people whose life particularly models Christian values.
Memorial Day (U.S.)
This weekend remember all those who have fought and died for peace.
Sacrament of the Eucharist
When you are with the bread of life, you don't have to go out and look for food. You already have it in abundance.
Send an encouraging message to someone you know who cares for another, either professionally or at home.

Alice Through the Looking Glass
The heroine of "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (Disney) is not Lewis Carroll's curious 7-year-old girl but rather an intrepid sea captain with an entrepreneurial streak.

A young woman who refuses to bend to the will of a patriarchal society, Alice overcomes ...

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  Alice Through the Looking Glass  CNS photo/Disney
Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska star in "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

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Sunday, April 27, 2014
Doubt can lead us to question, to reflect, to understand reality at a deeper level.
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