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Seven Shifts in the Church
By William H. Shannon

Vatican II clarified the Church's sense of itself and its place in the world.

The Council's 16 Documents
by Michael J. Daley

A View From the Pews
Christopher Heffron and Susan Hines-Brigger


Vatican II for Gen-Xers
By Renée LaReau

For this generation, the Council is ancient history. Here's a crash course to unpack it.

Conciliar Movers and Shakers
By Michael J. Daley and William H. Shannon


A U.S. Gift to the Council
By R. Scott Appleby

An American Jesuit and our U.S. experience influenced Vatican II profoundly.

A New Vocabulary
by Michael J. Daley


Archbishop John Foley Recalls the Council
By Barbara Beckwith

A Vatican official remembers the exciting days of covering Vatican II as a young priest.

Vatican II Potpourri
by Michael J. Daley


Whither Vatican II?
By John Feister

Does the Council continue to shape the Church? Six experts assess its implementation.

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