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Iconographer Marek Czarnecki

Iconographer Marek Czarnecki

By Mary E. Medland

Only a few fine artists can "write" an icon. It is a calling, with its own language, rubrics and subject matter.

Featuring an extended question and answer section on How Icons Are Written.

The Lord of the Rings Films: Splinters of the True Light

The Lord of the Rings Films: Splinters of the True Light

By Sister Rose Pacatte, F.S.P.

When The Return of the Kings, the final movie of Tolkien's masterpiece, hits theaters just before Christmas, it will be thoroughly Catholic.

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The Joys of Mass
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Celebrating Christmas With an Alzheimer's Patient
Christmas with an Alzheimer's patient can be a season of joy if you are prepared to simplify your plans. By Patricia Gavin

Fiction: Angels on Elm Street
She taught us the meaning of Christmas. By Andrea Hagner

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